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Solo in SoHo

September 22, 2004


The Director has just finished a solo show at Location 1 Gallery in Manhattan. The two large-scale installations describe contemporary technical dilemmas: Our increasing containment in technologies, and technologists’ urge to control the world. The former is embodied in Skin, a massive, full-sized section of a 737 that cuts through the gallery, emerging from the floor and disappearing into the far wall. Made of aluminum with over 6500 hand-countersunk rivets (thanks, Jean and Sebastien!), the airplane vibrates as if still in flight. The latter, Control is a huge control panel, modeled on the one used in the reactor at Chernobyl. Many many knobs, and what they’re for we’ll never know. Special thanks to Location 1 Gallery, our strategic ally, bringing thoughtful art to the Burroughs since the turn of the millennium. More photos here.

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