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One-Bit Love on Exhibit at Art Interactive

April 4, 2005

Compcult Member Shifty/Noah Vawter exhibits a lighthearted version of his research in sculpture form at Art Interactive. This research is based on exploring the possibilities of 1-bit music, which were quickly trampled on when higher-fidelity audio reproduction and synthesis methods were discovered. The sculpture acts as a totem or altar where fans of this new/old style of music can take part in worship.
To respond to the many who have asked: “No, there is no laptop, or synthesizer hidden behind the piece.” The 5″x5″ board inside the small portal window generates all the music. Visitors to the gallery can worship the sound by listening to the music, laying their hands on the 8-foot resonating instrument body, modulating the sounds with the large, velvet knobs and congregating around it.
The decorations on the instrument body allude to the (admittedly remote) possibility that ancient people used drums made of copper, connected to vats of tomato juice to send high-powered pulses of radio energy in order to communicate with others, perhaps even their creator.

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