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Ming-Yip Ltd.

February 3, 2009

The Director met compcult collaborator Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong in his Other Product class, and it was clear from the start that Edmund was a Designer, in that uppercase D sense of the word. He was also humble, and had a deep interest in laminates, especially natural laminates. They collaborated on First Airborne, which used far too many chemicals, and it was clear that Edmund longed for clean air and open spaces. He’s found them, in the form a new construction technique shown above and below.
By laminating small amounts of birch, Edmund has created (with the help of genius John A. Ochsendorf) a first section of what will be a large temporary structure that can be built by two people with a few hand tools. It uses a minimum amount of materials, will probably be able to stand up to code, and as an African friend said when they saw it, “It bounds. It looks like a gazelle.” That’s high praise on the veldt.
Here is a model of the full construction; the roof can either be modules affixed with high bond tape, or heat-shrink boat wrap:

Many congratulation to Edmund on this beautiful, functional design.

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