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Gas Zappers at Berkeley Art Museum, California

September 9, 2008

“Gas Zappers”, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley CA
October 30, 2008 – February 2009
Featuring soundtrack by Noah Vawter

Three Generations of Computing Culture

September 5, 2008


March 13, 2008

Annina’s eRiceCooker is feeding people in eyebeam’s FEEDBACK exhibition in New York (03/13 – 04/19).

Open Prosthetics Visit

March 12, 2008

Last week Jonathan Kuniholm and Kevin Webb from the Open Prosthetics Project visited Computing Culture and presented their work on creating prosthetic designs for the public domain. How to grow the community more and streamline the contributing process was a topic of discussion. Check out their work and get involved.

First Airborne

December 18, 2007

The Director and Edmund Kwong’s installation, First Airborne / Naturally Violent, is at Fringe Exhibitions in LA until the end of the year.






November 22, 2007

Annina is venturing out to the Rhode Island School of Design to speak as a guest of the digital+media fall 2007 lecture series. The talk is happening on Tuesday, November 27 @ RISD Auditorium North Main Street 7 p.m.

Back To Reality

October 8, 2007

Annina’s eRiceCooker project is currently cooking up rice in the exhibition “Sie nennen es Realität” (they call it reality) at Hartware MedienKunstVerein in Dortmund, Germany.

Ambient Addition on CBC Radio

September 14, 2007

Noah Vawter is interviewed on Canadian Broadcasting. His Master’s Thesis,
Ambient Addition is discussed. Click here to hear the interview.

Seeing Yellow

July 11, 2007

A few members of the group have put together a new website: Seeing Yellow. The website discusses the little-known invisible tracking dots printed on ever color page printed from almost every color laser printer or copier. This is not news; the EFF has been talking about this for quite a while now.
However, when someone called up their printer manufacturer more recently to ask about how they might turn the tracking information in their printed pages off, they were paid a visit by the U.S. Secret Service who wanted to know why he didn’t want to be tracked.
Computing Culture want to preserve the right to anonymous communication by fighting both printing dots and the government bullying used to sustain them. Seeing Yellow providers users of color laser printers with information on the topic so they may easy contact and technical support information for major color laser printer manufacturers. Stand up today by taking a moment, reading overthe page and calling your printer manufacturer. If we all stand up together, we’ll raise awareness about the issue, put pressure on our manufacturers, and make bullying of those of us that demand privacy and anonymity much more difficult.

June 26, 2007

Mako has just announced that he has been elected to the board of the Free Software Foundation. The FSF oversees the GNU project (at the heart of the GNU/Linux operating systems), the GNU GPL, is active in campaigns against DRM, and much more.