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Ayah Bdeir & Limor Fried: Everything Including the Kitchen Table

May 13, 2011

Ayah Bdeir on the front page of the New York Times Magazine and Limor Fried not far behind!

She is in your house, growling at your machines. Monster Chair at RISD.

April 29, 2011

Dear Digital + Media Community -- Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni:

It is with genuine excitement about the future of the Digital + Media
Department that I share with you the news of the appointment of Kelly Dobson
as Associate Professor and Department Head.  Many of you know Kelly through
her dedicated work in the department for the past two years: first as a
one-year term appointment and, this past year, as interim Department Head.
 Kelly brings to the department -- and now with the platform and mandate
that this appointment infers -- a radiant creative practice, a distinctive
set of research interests and trajectories, a demonstrated and abiding
commitment to teaching and her work with D +M, as well as other, students at
RISD, a dynamic approach to collaboration and innovation across fields and
departments, and a developing and increasingly accomplished process of
guidance and leadership.  As divisional dean, I very much look forward to
our continued work together.  D + M is a distinctive and multi-dimensional
department which serves as a dynamic and agile incubator of cultural ideas
and practices, established and emergent forms of research, and strategies
for genuine and sustained engagement of artists and designers in the world.
 Kelly possesses a particular character of commitment, creativity,
independent thinking, good humor, and passion for graduate education that
will make her a responsive advocate and effective agent for the department.

I enjoyed the opportunity to serve in an ex officio capacity on the search
committee where I was able to witness firsthand the credentials and
qualifications of an impressive and international group of applicants for
this position at RISD. This demonstrated interest in D + M at RISD made the
search process intensive, challenging, and deeply gratifying.  Members of
the search committee brought complete attention and commitment to this long,
unfolding process and I thank them for their remarkable work:  Rafael
Attias, Shawn Greenlee, Bethany Johns, Brian Smith, Dean Snyder (Chair), and
Lisa Young.

As we look with anticipation to the future of the department, I want to
acknowledge the extraordinary work of three interim D + M Department Heads
who brought leadership and commitment to our community during several years
of change and transition:  Teri Rueb, Daniel Peltz, and Kelly. Please join
me in offering your congratulations and support -- and sharing your ideas
and interests --  as Kelly begins her work as a fully vetted and deeply
accomplished new Department Head of Digital +Media.

Best wishes,


Patricia C. Phillips
Dean of Graduate Studies

Vawter Presents at Cambridge Mini-Maker Faire

April 26, 2010

On April 26th, 2010, Noah Vawter, in collaboration with the MIT Electronics Research Society, presented his work to families and youngsters at the Cambridge Mini-Maker Faire in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Vawter presented his work Exertion Instruments, which is a new family of electronic musical instruments which are designed with small electrical generators built-in, so that they can be played spontaneously and expressively, as traditional acoustic instruments are.

Ayah the News That’s Fit to Print

April 20, 2010

Ayah Bdeir in the New York Times

Art Made at the Speed of the Internet
…and more importantly, Elle Orient:


Levinger Speaks on Campus – “Birthright to Boycott”

April 14, 2010

April 29th, 7PM – in room 4-370.  J. Levinger will be speaking about his travels to Israel/Palestine and his work developing software tools to expose and oppose the Occupation. He will present VirtualGaza, GroundTruth, and the Boycott Toolkit.  This event is part of MIT Palestine Awareness Week.

Vawter to present at Harvard Business School April 16, 2010.

March 2, 2010

This event is not open to the general public, but Vawter, along with several other MIT students, will present work as part of a joint venture by MIT and Harvard students.

Le blog est mort. Vive le blog!

March 1, 2010

Our old blog died a fiery death in a motorcycle accident. We are working to restore from backups, but the prognosis is bleak. Posts before this one may suffer from link rot, broken images, and 404 errors.

Inter Partner Violence

December 6, 2009

Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent were featured in today’s Boston Globe for the Inter Partner Violence clothing they have developed over the last few years. The story was part of a larger piece on Yoda Patta’s “End Violence Against Women” year-long event at MIT.

Physically Engaged Electronic Instruments

April 23, 2009

Ievan’s Polkka, played on Physically Engaged Electronic Instruments (Electric Eel and Slider) by Noah Vawter with special guest player Kelly Snook. The built-in note-by-note generators allow electronic music to be played with many of the affordances of traditional instruments.

(lower resolution youtube video here)

Ming-Yip Ltd.

February 3, 2009

The Director met compcult collaborator Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong in his Other Product class, and it was clear from the start that Edmund was a Designer, in that uppercase D sense of the word. He was also humble, and had a deep interest in laminates, especially natural laminates. They collaborated on First Airborne, which used far too many chemicals, and it was clear that Edmund longed for clean air and open spaces. He’s found them, in the form a new construction technique shown above and below.
By laminating small amounts of birch, Edmund has created (with the help of genius John A. Ochsendorf) a first section of what will be a large temporary structure that can be built by two people with a few hand tools. It uses a minimum amount of materials, will probably be able to stand up to code, and as an African friend said when they saw it, “It bounds. It looks like a gazelle.” That’s high praise on the veldt.
Here is a model of the full construction; the roof can either be modules affixed with high bond tape, or heat-shrink boat wrap:

Many congratulation to Edmund on this beautiful, functional design.